Virsa Entertainment is an expert at orchestrating themed events, please take a look below to give you an idea of some of the themes we have on offer. If you feel that none of these themes are right for you or your event and would like something different, or would like to fuse two themes together, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact Us


Colour Scheme

This comprises of picking a colour scheme then the team at Virsa Entertainment work their magic to ensure that particular colour scheme is followed throughout the whole event.To guarantee the best possible results in creating.


Masquerade Theme

Masquerade theme events always provide a touch of class and sophistication to proceedings. Seeing everyone wearing beautiful outfits’ and intricately crafted masks enhances the elegance of any event.


Arabian/Moroccan Theme

Let Virsa Entertainment give you a taste of all the exotic delights of the east with our Arabian and Moroccan Theme.Using our superb lighting set up, our team will fill the venue.

The Nightclub Theme

With thumping beats, non -stop dance anthems and endless flow of champagne, we bring the party scenes of Las Vegas, Goa and Ibiza straight to you. Our library of music will ensure your guests never leave the dancefloor as we play infectious beat after beat and song after song.


Enchanted Garden Theme

Nature can sometimes be awe-inspiring as we look around our surroundings we can’t help but be amazed by what we see. To help do this we bring a variety of greenery to your venue, ranging from vines wrapped around table legs, evergreen conifers and your choice of flowers.


Carnival & Funfair Theme

Virsa Entertainment brings all the fun of the fair and the vibrancy of the carnival to give your event a fresh and energetic and vibe. Our funfair and carnival package can bring the big kid out in everyone with classic fun fair games such as hook a duck, whack-a-mole, ring toss etc.